10 Cycling Habits You Need to Stop Doing Today

10 Cycling Habits You Need to Stop Doing Today

Cycling Habits You Need to Stop

You might have noticed other cyclists on the road, or you yourself might have picked up some bad habits when cycling. This is normal. Cycling is a repetitive sport. This means that you might pick up some techniques over time. From bouncing up and down on the saddle to neglecting your bicycle, we have gathered some of the biggest cycling DON’Ts as well as some solutions on how you can stop these habits immediately.



Be careful with what you eat or drink before going out for a ride. Nothing shuts your body down faster than performing at a high level with an upset digestive system. You should try experimenting with nutrition on shorter training rides and make sure to only change one variable at a time.



It is likely that you are not even aware you are doing this, but bouncing up and down is an easy habit to break. What you can do is regularly include core work into your training regimen as it can help keep your upper body stable and less prone to unnecessary excessive movements. In addition, you should slightly lower your saddle height as it also helps reduce upper body movement. Head over to Fort Myers Cyclery today to get a proper fit if you haven’t done so yet!



Your bicycle comes with many moving parts, so it is important that you give your bike a proper inspection from time to time. Ensure that all bolts are snug, check your quick releases, lube the chain, swap out old tires, etc. It is always better to take a preventative approach than to have something fail when you are miles away from home and with no cell service! In addition, regularly maintaining your bicycle will also make it last longer.



You might have heard many times that rest days are for the weak, but let us tell you that they are not. Our body needs adequate time to rebuild and recover after multiple hard efforts on the bike. You may throw in a swim or a weight-training session in between to give your legs some time to recover and to fix any muscular imbalances that you might be developing.



Traffic lights and stop signs are not optional for cyclists. Not only is it illegal to break traffic laws, it is also extremely dangerous. Your 16-pound carbon bicycle is no match for a 2,000-pound car – always keep that in mind. Do not be that person who gives cyclists the bad reputation amongst other motorists by not following the rules of the road.

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