Bike Beginners: Things to NOT Do

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Bike Beginners: Things to NOT Do

If you are a bike beginner, knowing the basic rules of the road is not enough. Here are some common traps and their simple fixes to make riding more fun and safer for new cyclists. Check them out here:   SEAT TOO LOW Read More

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Why You Should Start Riding a Bike

If you are looking for an alternative way to get fit while having fun at the same time, then riding a bike is your next best move. Bicycling has all sorts of health benefits – both physical and mental. It engages your legs, Read More

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Commuting Bikes – What is the Best One for You?

When choosing the perfect commuting bike, it is important to ensure that it is both practical and comfortable for the type of riding you intend to do. You are highly unlikely to commit to riding your bike regularly to work if you find Read More

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Finding the Right Bicycle for Your Children

If you are already into cycling, and you would want your kids to start cycling, too. You will first need to find a bike that will best suit your child’s physical needs as well as his or her personal taste.   Kids’ bikes Read More

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5 Great Health Benefits of Cycling You Probably Did Not Know

In order for you to be fit and healthy, you must be physically active. Did you know that regular physical activity helps protect you from serious diseases such as heart disease, obesity, cancer, diabetes, arthritis and even mental illness? Yes! Riding your bike Read More

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