4 Fun Places in the Country to Bike

4 Fun Places in the Country to Bike

Biking is all about finding new destinations. Not only do these keep your cycling fresh, but they also present new challenges, give you spaces to explore, and create fun trips with family or loved ones. With this in mind, here are some of the top biking locations in the U.S.:

1. Palisade, Colorado

Located on the verdant Western Slope of Colorado, Palisade sits square in the middle of wine country. Home to the Fruit and Wine Byway, a 25-mile loop that sits in the shadow of Grand Mesa, Palisade takes cyclists through more than 50 vineyards, farms, orchards, and privately owned fruit stands. It’s a great place to combine your love of wine and of biking.

2. Santa Fe, New Mexico

Known as a haven for artists and writers, Santa Fe is a mountain and road biking mecca. Sitting at the base of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, this vibrant little town is a great place to explore, shop galleries, and meet interesting people. From there, head out on one of the area’s dozens of designated scenic byways for a nice afternoon ride.

3. The San Juan Islands, Washington

In 2014, Washington ranked #1 for the seventh year running as the most bike-friendly state in the country. The San Juan Islands demonstrate why. The largest island spans 57 miles and offers winding rural roads, forests, fields, and stunning ocean vistas, all of which are explorable by bike.

4. Point Reyes, California

While you won’t find this one in your guidebooks, locals know that hitting the roads in this small California paradise is well worth the ride. Start in town at one of the mouthwatering local bakeries and head out north to Bodega Bay. You can also head South, down to Bolinas or up Mt. Tam. The world is your oyster here.

Gear Up Before You Head Out

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