5 Bike Repairs Best Left to a Professional

5 Bike Repairs Best Left to a Professional

There are so many advantages to choosing bikes over cars. Bikes are both an affordable investment, and they are also relatively easy to repair. Even better, some standard repairs and maintenance can be done at home.

Bike repair tends to be very affordable. This is especially true when compared to the high price of repairing a car or any other vehicle.

Nonetheless, there are some fixes that are always best left to a professional. Here is a list of repairs that should always be left in the trusted hands of a reputable neighborhood bike shop.

1. Brake Repairs

Any type of brake repairs can be complicated. Rather than doing permanent damage to your bike, it is best to leave any brake related issues to a pro.

By leaving your brakes in the hands of a qualified specialist, you are ensuring that you are not putting your own safety or the safety of others at risk.

2. Cable Issues

Installing cables requires extensive knowledge, so this is always best left in the hands of a professional. This ensure that your bike operates safely after it is repaired.

3. Changing the Chain

If you ride your bike regularly, you can expect to need to change the chain every now and then.

If you have a loose chain, take your bike into a professional bike shop where they can ensure that you get the right fit. This way, your bike will get the smoothes, and safest, ride possible.

4. Installing Parts

Whether you are purchasing new or replacement parts for your bike, it is best to leave the installation in the hands of qualified bike experts.

There are many variations between different bike parts and models. And it is difficult for a layperson to fully understand the complexity of even standard parts installation. Don’t risk it.

5. Yearly Check-Over and Tuneup

Even if you are relatively confident in repairing your own bike, it is still a good idea to have it checked over by a qualified professional at least once a year to make sure that there is nothing you are accidentally  overlooking.

A standard annual tuneup is a great way to keep your bike in the best condition possible. And, this will help you avoid unnecessary repairs and maintenance down the line.

At Fort Myers Bike Shop our qualified and highly professional team can assess and fix any issue you might have with your bike. We specialize in providing high-quality bike repairs at fair and reasonable prices. Come check us out to find out more.

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