A Beginner’s Guide to Cycling to Work

A Beginner’s Guide to Cycling to Work

Office worker riding bicycle

Do you ever wonder why your colleague who rides his bike to work looks a little happier and more energetic than you and the others who commute sitting idle in the comfort of a motor vehicle each morning?

Well, it’s probably because of the many benefits the cyclist reaps! While being a bike commuter seems to be a challenge, it does have a list of advantages to it. Those advantages include getting regular exercise without having to allot extra time for it, saving money, minimizing carbon footprint, and in heavy traffic, getting to work before your motoring co-workers.

Aside from those, bikers do have one more edge over their four-wheel driving counterparts – control. Cyclists can legally maneuver around stopped cars and trucks, take side streets and even sidewalks! Anyone who has ever been stuck in his or her car in traffic knows exactly what we’re talking about.

If you’re thinking about pedaling your way to work, too, here are some things you need to know.

Practice Safe Cycling

Instead of biking on sidewalks where you will encounter pedestrians, you should take the motorist lane or bike lane. You must first learn all the hand signals that cyclists use on the road. We know it’s more fun to ride your bike with music playing, but it’s not safe unless you have a Sena helmet which allows you to hear your music and road noises around you! You are going to need all your senses when you’re cycling, especially when you’re on a busy road. lOn roads with parallel parking, stay three feet away from parked cars! You can’t imagine how many people open their car doors without checking for bicyclists. Talk to other bike commuters in your area because they know more about the city’s contours and they can tell you where you should take extra care or which roads are better. Or just stop in our store! We have free maps and are happy to guide you to the best of our knowledge, or find someone who can.

Prepare Your Gear

If you’re into high-end gears, cycling can be really expensive. But if you’re looking forward to hassle-free commuting, reliable gear is your priority. If you don’t own a bike yet and you don’t know much about it, or you’re pretty well -versed and looking for specific models, you’d do well to visit Fort Myers Cyclery where you’ll find all types of bikes. Our people can even help you find the most suitable one for your purpose!

While your stuff probably fits in your backpack, you’d be more comfortable if you have a basket, rack, or pannier to hold your things. While you’re checking out accessories, make sure that you get a reliable lock, a bell, good fenders, a white and a red light (especially if you often work late or you need to leave home while it’s still dark), and some flat-changing emergency supplies.

Prep Your Office or Locker

You should always have a spare set of work clothes, a towel, as well as some toiletries, and snacks in your locker or desk drawer. It’s also a good idea to have your dress shoes or heels in the office and just change from your athletic shoes when you get there.

Biking to work is a fun experience that you should enjoy. Do not pressure yourself too much or feel guilty when you’re not feeling well enough or even if you are just not in the mood to cycle. Enjoy biking!

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