A Quick Guide to Cycling with Kids

A Quick Guide to Cycling with Kids

Guide To Cycling with Kids

Bike riding is an excellent way to get some quality alone time, but it is also a great way of spending some time with your loved ones. Today, let us take a look at the best ways to get your kids onto two wheels while riding safely and confidently – from non-pedaling passengers to independent riders!


Step 1: Get your partner on a bicycle, too.

Family cycling is not only about introducing your kids to two wheels. It can also be a time when a non-cycling partner starts to ride again. First things first: be sure that you have bikes that are in good working condition. If one of you is already an experienced cyclist, then you can help your partner choose a good bike that you would also consider for yourself, even if it is different from the kind of bike you would normally choose.


You also should check that you both have some basic bike maintenance skills. This helps keep all the bicycles in your household running smoothly, and should you encounter any surprise issues, you are both equipped to deal with it.


Step 2: Get the right kit.

Having the right cycling kit definitely makes the whole experience more comfortable, more fun, and safer for everyone. You will need some equipment such as a bike seat or a child seat, but special kids’ bike clothing is optional.


Wearing a helmet is of utmost importance, but you have to keep in mind that the most important criteria for having one is getting a good fit. Check out the helmets we have at Fort Myers Cyclery and find one that would sit snugly on your kids’ head. Make sure that your kids wear their helmets properly and that their foreheads are protected. Make sure to avoid over-tight straps or your child’s neck being nipped with the helmet’s clasp by sliding a finger behind the chin-strap when you are fastening it.



Step 3: Preschool Riding

Up until your kids are two or three years of age, they are usually non-pedaling passengers. Fortunately, with the right equipment, the young ones are fairly portable. The most popular choices are child trailers and seats, though cargo bikes are also getting more common nowadays.


Check out the available products we have at Fort Myers Cyclery and let our bike experts help you in choosing the best ones!


Step 4: Independent Cycling

Children as young as three years old can ride by themselves and they are keen to use their own bikes. Independent cycling means a sense of freedom and achievement for the young ones, so make sure that you find them a great bike.


Step 5: Bike Trade-In

If you want to diminish the impact of having your kids frequently growing out of their bikes, you might want to try our trade-in program at Fort Myers Cyclery. For more information, reach out to us today!

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