Best Books to Read About Cycling

Best Books to Read About Cycling

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You can’t be out riding all the time. What better way to keep exploring your passion than by reading a great cycling book or two?

Here are ten classic picks that will keep you motivated and excited about cycling all year long:

1. The Hardmen: Legends and Lessons from the Cycling Gods – by The Velominati

Compiled by cycling super blog, this book tells the stories of 40 different cyclists who made their marks on the sport. This read is perfect for both experienced and beginner cyclists alike.

2. Slaying the Badger – by Richard Moore

This book chronicles the 1986 Tour de France, where Greg LeMond and Bernard Hinault went head-to-head in what is widely considered one of the greatest races of all time.

Pick it up today for a truly harrowing and exciting read about your favorite sport!

3. Sex, Lies, and Handlebar Tape – by Paul Howard

This book tells the story of Jacques Anquetil, who is one of the cycling world’s best-known and most infamous figures. Riveting in a way few cycling books are, this one stands out as a must-read for anyone who loves to ride.

4. Half Man, Half Bike: The Life of Eddy Merckx, Cycling’s Greatest Champion – by William Fotheringham

During his long career, Eddy “The Cannibal” Merckx won 525 races, including five Tour de France titles. This book takes a look at his cycling career, as well as his personal life and accomplishments.

Consider this an excellent glimpse into the life of one of the sport’s greatest athletes.

5. Fallen Angel: The Passion of Fausto Coppi by – William Fotheringham

A bit more tragic than the other books on the list, this one is a biography of Fausto Coppi. Coppi grew up in dire straits and, through a series of unlikely events, became one of Italy’s greatest cyclists.
Coppi’s determination was truly inspiring, and cycling enthusiasts won’t be able to put this book down.

You Can Read Even When You Can’t Ride

We hope you enjoy our top five cycling books! Each one is a special celebration focused on the sport and the people who love it.

While most cyclists would rather be out riding all the time, these five books will keep you engaged and hungry for more, even when you’re not able to be in the saddle.

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