Best Types of Clothes to Wear When Biking

Best Types of Clothes to Wear When Biking

Here’s the bottom line. Having the right clothing will make cycling a much more pleasant and enjoyable experience.

That said, there is a lot of room for personal style, preference, and adaptability in the world of biking clothing. It is a myth that you have to be suited in head to toe spandex to get a great ride.

Here is a list of 4 handy biking essentials that every serious biker should have in their closet. Once you have the basics in place, you can easily build onto your wardrobe from there.

1. Bike Jerseys

Bike jerseys are so practical and comfortable that is a good idea to have at least a few on hand.

A high-quality Lycra or spandex jersey will not only reduce drag but keep you dry, sweat-free, and comfortable while you ride. Not to mention that with a full range of colours, cuts, and styles available – jerseys are great to add a personal touch to your biking wardrobe.

Also, keep in mind that it can be a good idea to have a range of long and short sleeve options available to adapt to varying weather and climate conditions.

2. Biker Shorts

There is a wide range of biker shorts available in many differant styles and cuts for different purposes. It’s important to remember that some shorts are better adapted to different types of biking and styles.

As a general rule, look for a leg length, waist tightness, and padding style that is best suited to your anatomy and comfort level.

For those that like an added touch of style, biker skorts are also available!

3. Leg-Warmers and Tights

For cycling in colder temperatures, a leg warmer or full-length tight is a good way to keep you warm and comfortable.

Those who live in warmer climates might find a bike knicker that goes only down to the knee a better option.

4. Cycling Jackets

When it comes to cycling, jackets are not just for keeping warm, they also provide much-needed protection against wind, rain, and all the other elements. This means a good cycling jacket is a must, no matter what your climate zone or region.

However, be sure to select your jacket according to what is reasonable in relation to average temperatures in the location that you cycle the most. Those in warmer climate zones will want to opt for a lighter material than those who live in colder regions.

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