Biking and Cars: What to Be Aware Of

Biking and Cars: What to Be Aware Of

If you are new to biking, biking in traffic can seem daunting.

That said, as a biker, it is your duty and responsibility to properly learn the rules of the road so you are able to deal with cars and traffic safely and easily.

To get you started, these are five basic things that you need to know about biking around traffic and other bycicles.

1. Always Wear a Helmet

This is rule number one when it comes to cycling in traffic, or anywhere, for that matter.

Studies show that up to 88% of brain injuries to cyclists could be avoided just by wearing a helmet. So, wearing a safe and secure helmet that properly fits your head should be automatic every time you ride.

2. Learn the Hand Signals and Use Them

Just like any other vehicle, when riding a bike you are required to alert other drivers of your intentions.

This means learning the standard hand signals, and always using them in order to keep yourself, and other drivers, safe on the road.

3. Follow the Rules of the Road

When biking it is important to note that you are required to follow the same road rules as any other vehicle.

This means coming to a full stop at stop signs, obeying traffic signals, biking with the flow of traffic, staying off the sidewalk, and yielding to pedestrians and slower vehicles.

Remember that riding a bicycle never makes you exempt from regular traffic rules.

4. Bike Defensively

When biking in traffic be aware that things can pop out at you at any moment and catch you off guard. The best strategy to deal with unexpected surprises is to always maintain a defensive stance.

This also means always biking at a safe and reasonable speed so you will always be able to stop quickly if needed.

5. Stay Calm

If a driver is acting aggressive, it is important not to lose your cool, as it will become easy to lose focus and have an accident.

Even if the driver is honking or tailing closely behind you, maintain your road position and speed.

Rather than choosing to flash an aggressive gesture, opt instead to smile and wave. There’s a good chance you will catch the driver off guard and neutralize the situation.

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