Biking and the Environment

Biking and the Environment

benefits of cycling on the environment

Cycling has dozens of benefits. In addition to being a great form of exercise, it’s also an excellent way to ensure you get some “me time” in every day, and a wonderful way to add some mindfulness to your daily commute.

However, did you know that biking is also incredible for the environment?

4 Proven Environmental Benefits of Cycling

Here’s a breakdown on how cycling helps cut pollution and maintain the environment in our beautiful state:

1. Biking Uses No Fuel

If you bike to and from work, you’re not consuming fossil fuels the same way drivers are.

Consider the example of a 10-mile round-trip commute, five days a week, for one year. Even a small car that gets 35 MPG will consume 68 gallons of gasoline annually. And it will emit 0.7 tons of CO2.

A bike, on the other hand, uses no fossil fuels and creates no emissions. It’s one of the absolute cleanest ways of getting around!

2. Bikes Don’t Need Batteries or any Other Form of Power

While there has been a shift to hybrid cars in recent years, these cars typically rely on large batteries that include metal hydride and other known carcinogens. These batteries also require opencast mines, which pollute local communities and leave toxic waste behind.

Obviously, biking creates none of these worries. Plus, you’ll be getting your blood pumping and burning calories the entire time!

3. Biking Promotes Healthy Lifestyles

Today’s health professionals recommend about 150 minutes of moderate to heavy activity weekly. Biking to and from work, or around town for simple errands is a great way to fit this exercise in without going out of your way.

By ensuring this one big step toward a healthy lifestyle, biking also promotes other health- and environmentally-conscious activities and mindsets.

4. Biking Makes for Less Clogged Roads

Bikes move more fluidly along roadways than cars do. This, in turn, leads to fewer traffic jams, less idling and fewer fumes – leading to a more pleasant commute. And, for the people who do have to drive for their commute, it will also be easier, faster, and more pleasant – so you’re not only doing yourself and the environment a favor, your also being kind to your neighbors.

In addition to being good for your mental health the traffic, biking is also great for local air quality and visibility.

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