Biking and the Environment

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benefits of cycling on the environment

Biking and the Environment

Cycling has dozens of benefits. In addition to being a great form of exercise, it’s also an excellent way to ensure you get some “me time” in every day, and a wonderful way to add some mindfulness to your daily commute. However, did Read More

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cycling books for cyclists

Best Books to Read About Cycling

You can’t be out riding all the time. What better way to keep exploring your passion than by reading a great cycling book or two? Here are ten classic picks that will keep you motivated and excited about cycling all year long: 1. Read More

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motivation to ride

How to Find the Motivation to Ride

It’s a feeling that hits all cyclists at some point: that sluggish, unmotivated sensation. You know you should be riding, but you can’t seem to find the willpower to get out and actually do it. Left alone, it can be a frustrating sensation Read More

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Why Biking Is The Perfect Exercise Tool For Fall

When it comes to exercise, a lot of the reason that people have trouble sticking to is that they can’t mix it with activities that they enjoy. Getting into the habit of cycling is a great way to get around this issue, combining Read More

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Getting Your Bike Fall-Ready

There’s a lot of reason why, for novice and experienced cyclists alike, fall is the season that they’re waiting for. The combination of cooler temperatures, beautiful natural sights, and fewer people on the roads and trails than during the summer makes it a Read More

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Cycling Habits You Need to Stop

10 Cycling Habits You Need to Stop Doing Today

You might have noticed other cyclists on the road, or you yourself might have picked up some bad habits when cycling. This is normal. Cycling is a repetitive sport. This means that you might pick up some techniques over time. From bouncing up Read More

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Asian young woman checking bicycle tyre before riding

Bike Ownership: 5 Important Things You Should Know

Just like most things in our lives, our bike comes with a set of instructions in order to keep it well-maintained. We also know that most of us do not like reading manuals, right? However, there are some rules that are put out Read More

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Guide To Cycling with Kids

A Quick Guide to Cycling with Kids

Bike riding is an excellent way to get some quality alone time, but it is also a great way of spending some time with your loved ones. Today, let us take a look at the best ways to get your kids onto two Read More

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Happy family is riding bikes outdoors and smiling. Little girl in the foreground is looking at camera

Going on Your First Family Bike Ride? Check Out These Tips

Riding with the family is always a great experience! If you have started planning those awesome family rides, then check out these tips from Fort Myers Cyclery:   #01. Check if your kids’ bikes are still the correct size. Kids grow, and pretty Read More

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Beautiful female cyclist drinking water in forest

Dehydration: How It Can Affect Your Cycling

Cyclists can become dehydrated due to many factors such as heat, improper hydration before or during a ride, and the time spent on the bike. Certain symptoms occur when the body does not get enough water. Those symptoms can significantly affect one’s performance Read More

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