Cycling While Pregnant? Read This Now!

Cycling While Pregnant? Read This Now!

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Ever wondered if you can still ride a bicycle while pregnant?


One of the first things that active women do when they find out that they are pregnant is look for information on whether they can cycle during pregnancy. Running, swimming, cycling – whatever their chosen sport – they want to know if it is safe to keep doing it. We do not want to get into the controversy of being a pregnant cyclist; we want to focus on supporting you if should you wish to do so.


If you choose to continue cycling through your pregnancy, here are some of the things you need to keep in mind:



At your first appointment to your OB-GYN, it is important to let them know exactly how much cycling you are doing now and how much riding you would like to continue to do throughout your pregnancy. Your doctor will let you know if there is any medical reason for you to stop exercising – be sure pay attention.



Remember, you are growing a human being inside of you – that is definitely hard work! If your body is telling you it is time to slow down or simply stop, make sure you listen to it.



It is during the first trimester when all the hard work is going on inside of you – this is when the placenta is created. This is also tiring for your body. Keep in mind that you will be more tired than usual so you should plan your activities accordingly. You should try to avoid long journeys or bicycle training sessions especially in the evening. Chances are, you will feel more energetic in the morning.



You may have heard that exercise can help alleviate morning sickness. Opinions on this from mothers and doctors alike vary, so just remember, if it is making you feel worse and not better, then it is high time to slow down.



Your baby bump will grow in the second trimester and you may find more comfort in raising the handlebars on your bicycle. This lets you sit in a more upright position.



There are some instances wherein a pregnant woman’s balance can be affected by her growing baby bump. If you notice your balance starting to go a bit ‘off’, then it is probably best to stay off the bike. A tumble will not do you or your unborn baby any good.



If cycling is getting too much like hard work instead of something fun, then you should stop for now. You do not have to soldier on especially if you are struggling, even if you have friends who were able to do it when they were pregnant. Remember, every pregnancy is different.


To all the pregnant women out there, cycling is fun until it becomes a bad thing for you and your baby – always ride with precautionary measures!

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