Cycling with a Baby – What You Should Know

Cycling with a Baby – What You Should Know

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When it comes to the topic of cycling with a baby, there is much debate around it. The Dutch believe it is safe to cycle with a newborn, the British think it is safe from nine months old, and the Americans think it is best when the baby is at least a year old. So, which is it?


Safety First

Regardless of what others say, the most important thing is that you think your baby is old enough and you feel safe cycling with your baby on board. If you do not feel 100% sure, then it might be too soon. However, if you really desire to cycle around with your baby in tow, there are a few factors you should consider.


One of the main worries of taking a baby on a bike is falling. Some parents will argue that they never fall off their bikes so the probability of falling with a baby on board is low. However, the low probability does not invalidate the probability altogether. Keep in mind that babies are much more fragile than adults. Even the slightest accident can cause serious injuries to your baby. Babies’ heads are soft, toddlers and children are vulnerable. So, Florida has a law requiring all children under 16 to wear a helmet, including babies.


Other than the risk of falling, cycling can also cause constant vibrations and shaking to your baby as you pedal away. This creates a risk of injuries to their head, neck and back. This is one of the reasons why it is safer to take them out on a bike ride when they are older, and many parents recommend waiting until they sit independently.


If you can wait until they are at least a year old, then it is even better.


Bike Carriers for Babies

There are several bike carriers available for babies to ride over the back wheel of the parent’s bicycle. They are designed to prevent the child’s fingers and toes from touching the spokes with three-sided wrapping designs. They have a wrapping high seat back to support the child’s head, neck and back, and a wrapping leg and foot support. Some have adjustable angles for the seat back. Some provide adjustability for growth and are designed to carry up to 48.5 pounds. That makes baby seats great for babies and practical for parents!



Trailers are often thought of as the safest way to transport babies and young children. The two-seater can be the most fun for parents and babies because is holds up to 100 pounds, and can provide room for the baby, toys and snacks. Some parents will even use a baby car seat to secure and create extra comfort and familiarity for the little one. Many people find the child trailer to be the best baby seat option because it has the least impact on the parents’ bicycling balance and steering. They also allow the child to use it for the longest period of time, making it the most cost-effective.



Once your baby is at the right age to cycle safely with you, there are many carrier options you can choose from. Be sure that you try out all available options to see which will give you and the baby the most comfort and safety.


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