Different Types of Bikes

Different Types of Bikes

Ready to invest in a new bike? Congratulations!

One of the first things to remember when you purchase a bicycle is that there are many different types available. And, some bikes are best suited for specific purposes.

As such, it is important to consider how you intend to use the bike so you buy the right one to best suit your needs.

To help make your decision easier, here is a list of some of the most common types of bikes. Additionally, below are listed the kinds of conditions each bike is best suited for.

1. Comfort or Hybrid Bikes

These bikes are great for all-purpose adventures. They easily adapt to various terrains – including pavement and smooth trails.

If you are looking for a comfortable, versatile, and multipurpose bicycle, this style of bike is a great option. These bikes are also perfect for beginner cyclists.

2. Mountain or BMX Bikes

These bikes have wide tires and feature especially rugged treads. This allow for safer access to rough terrain that might otherwise be inaccessible to any other type of bike.

Whether you want to engage in aggressive mountain biking, or simply want a fun bike to take out on the trails, a mountain or BMX bike is a great option.

Keep in mind that these bikes are also perfectly fine on smooth surfaces, although they might be a bit cumbersome and slow compared to a bike designed for pavement.

3. Road Bikes

Road bikes are characterized by their low handlebars and skinny tires, these allow for the best maneuvring and speed in urban environments or paved roads.

This style of bike is also the best suited to endurance rides or longer treks on smooth pavement.

4. Folding Bikes

These trendy bikes are a great option for anybody who loves to travel since they can be easily and affordably folded and shipped.

5. Cruisers

These bikes are a fantastic option for anybody who likes to take their time, enjoy the ride, and smell the roses. Not to mention, they will look good while leisurely exploring on this bike.

This bike is designed for short rides on flat surfaces, and it is great for cruising around boardwalks and parks in style.

6. Fixed Gears

A fixed gear, aka “fixie”, is a nice option for anybody looking for an inexpensive flat train city bike.

These types of bikes only have one gear and you use leg power to stop brake.

At Fort Myers Bike Shop we carry a wide selection of different types of bikes so you can choose whatever style will best suit your needs. Just let us know what you were looking for and we will be more than happy to help out. Come check us out to find out more.

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