Exercises and Training Tips for Bike Touring

Exercises and Training Tips for Bike Touring

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Are you looking forward to that multi-day bike tour you’re taking across the country or abroad? Then you should make sure that no time is wasted and arm yourself with a really good preparation plan so you can successfully achieve your biking goals!

A complete program which usually includes anywhere between four to eight months of training should include a smart mental approach right from the start. Understand that there will surely be tough days in the saddle, not to mention those tiring climbs and possibly harsh weather elements. All these can affect and frustrate even the strongest mindset. Having a focused mind, plus a solid training plan that incorporates endurance, flexibility, and strength can help you go through the long months of training.

Cardio Training

Depending on your current fitness and strength level, as well as your bike handling skills and previous biking experience, your physical preparation time can be as short as four months or as long as eight months.

Because consistency is highly important, you should strictly commit to the number of days for your training. You can take indoor cycling classes or hop on your stationary bike at home. You can also do cross-training like jogging, rowing, or swimming. These alternative workouts can be done when you’re short on time but make sure you complete two longer rides during the weekend.

Long Training Rides

Riding a bike with no load is one thing. Biking with a loaded backpack is an entirely different scenario. You want to be sure that you are ready for the physical demands, as well as the bike handling skills that you’re going to need. Don’t forget to check the types of terrain of the places you’re going to. If there are lots of hills, then spend time riding uphill with your packs loaded. In Florida you can ride bridges, but still need to venture north to ride some real hills in preparation. Building mileage can keep you motivated during the long months of training. You can also increase your training volume gradually. For instance, you can increase around 5-10 miles every two weeks until you reach your goal. Every single day of training, your goal should be to reach the maximum distance you expect to do in a day when you do your tour.

Strength Training

When you do long rides, you’ll notice that not only your legs get tired, but also your upper body, including your back and neck. Pains in these areas can limit your endurance. It is crucial that you have both strong legs and strong upper body, including a stable core.

After your cardio routine, you can incorporate strength exercises like dumbbell split squats, dumbbell goblet squats, push ups, side planks, glute bridges, and more.

Flexibility Training

Cycling can make your muscles tight. Developing and keeping good flexibility is an important part of a successful preparation plan for a bike tour. Perform stretches like supine hamstring leg pulls, figure-4 hip stretches, side-lying quads, cobra torso stretches, butterfly groin stretches, head tilt neck stretches, and others.

Going for a bike tour is not something you just impulsively do. It takes months of training, discipline, and a lot of patience. Of course, you are going to need a quality bike and accessories to make sure that everything goes smoothly. Visit Fort Myers Cyclery. We can provide you with everything you need for your bike tour, plus helpful tips!

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