Finding the Right Bicycle for Your Children

Finding the Right Bicycle for Your Children

If you are already into cycling, and you would want your kids to start cycling, too. You will first need to find a bike that will best suit your child’s physical needs as well as his or her personal taste.


Kids’ bikes usually start at around $150 at most bicycle shops. There are cheaper models available, however, they tend to be heavier, filled with plastic parts,and more prone to having mechanical problems. You do not want to put your child’s safety at risk just to be able to save money, so make sure you only buy from trusted shops like Fort Myers Schwinn Cyclery.


Finding the Right Size

It is crucial for your child’s safety to find a bike that perfectly fits him or her, especially since both undersized and over-sized bicycles are proven hazardous. For instance, bikes that are too large can prevent your child’s feet from touching the ground and keeping his or her hands from reaching the hand brakes. Those bicycles that are too small, on the other hand, might force your child to pedal awkwardly with his or her knees substantially bent – this can cause tip overs and can make your child’s legs tire quickly so they don’t have fun bike riding.


Your Child’s Taste Matters

In addition to fitting your child physically, his or her bike should be able to match his or her personality. It is best to let your child choose the color and style of the bike, and you, as a parent, should decide substantial matters such as the quality and the size. Why is this important? Peter Moe of the National Center of Bicycling and Walking said that if a child likes his or her bicycle, he or she is more likely to ride it.


If you are interested in investing in your child’s first bicycle, then you have come to the right place! Visit our website today to see our available products, call or simply come into the store.


We will be more than glad to assist you with your bicycle needs. We hope to see you in our shop soon!


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