Fort Myers Cyclery Bikes You Will Love

Fort Myers Cyclery Bikes You Will Love

Are you planning to visit Fort Myers Cyclery to find the perfect bike for you? This is exciting news and we are ready to help you score a great find!



To figure out the perfect type of bike for you, you have to consider where you will be riding – will it be on a pavement? Dirt trails? Both? There are some bikes that are made specifically for a particular kind of riding surface, while there are also bikes that are versatile enough to be ridden in more than just one type of surface.



Road bikes are great for multiple pavements uses such as fitness riding, long distance/event rides, commuting, touring, and even racing. Usually, with lightweight drop handlebars that put you in an aerodynamic position, road bikes are a great choice if you want to go fast or if you are most concerned with transferring your energy into making the bike move forward efficiently. Road bikes also allow for a greater number of riding and hand positions than bicycles with flat handlebars.


Make sure to check out some of our available road bikes today:


Grade Alloy Claris

This road bike is loaded up on features that make long hours in the saddle feel easy, such as a low-bottom bracket for added stability as well as extra tire clearance for knobbier rubber.

Grade Carbon 105

If you are after a high-tech road bike that can handle low-tech roads, then this certainly is the bike for you! This bike is ready for all types of pavement – from freshly-paved switchbacks to gravel roads, and everything in between!


Quick 4

If you are after lightweight bikes that can be seen with bright reflective graphics and tires, then this bike is your best bet! It is perfect for riding around town with your friends with its relaxed flat handlebar, or quick if you want to go for a fun and easy workout.



This type of bike is designed with shock-absorbing features as well as better braking systems. They are known for handling dirt trails, rocks, roots, bumps, and ruts. Mountain bikes usually feature lower gears than most road bikes so they are better in terms of handling the steeper terrain.


Here are some of our available mountain bikes that you will love checking out:


Aggressor Comp

The Aggressor Comp is a stand-out mountain bike in off-road recreational cycling with GT’s aluminum triple triangle frame sporting a replaceable derailleur hanger and a fabulous price. Check it out today!


Helix Step-Thru

Looking for a great ladies’ mountain bike that is both attractive and rugged? Jamis’ Helix will fill the bill! Look great out there with a bike that lets you have an amazing experience!

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