Getting Your Bike Fall-Ready

Getting Your Bike Fall-Ready

There’s a lot of reason why, for novice and experienced cyclists alike, fall is the season that they’re waiting for. The combination of cooler temperatures, beautiful natural sights, and fewer people on the roads and trails than during the summer makes it a great experience for everyone. However, with these changing conditions come some things you want to keep in mind.

One area where you might want to start changing things for the fall is your bike tires. For summer conditions, lightweight, fast rolling tires are great options, but the amount of damp plant matter on the ground during the fall warrants a switch. One good thing to try to do is swap out your existing tires with fall-friendly ones with larger knobs. The reason for this is that it’s a lot easier for the tires to dig through wet dirt and leaves this way, giving you more traction during your ride.

Another thing worth thinking about is dressing more appropriately for the weather. Your favorite summer cycling outfit may no longer be a good match depending on how cold things get and how quickly. If things get really chilly, be ready to use layering to stay warm. One other thing you want to do when it comes to safety is making sure you invest in some lighting. Even if you don’t plan on cycling at night, fall may bring other poor visibility conditions like fog and mist. Better to be safe than sorry.

As a final note, if you haven’t had the chance to bike in a while and are just starting in the fall, it’s a good idea to make sure that you properly prepare your body. Slowly building up to longer rides and intensities, as well as staying hydrated and fed, are always good things to do. In addition, if you haven’t used your bike for a while, be sure to test it out and make sure that it still fits comfortably for you. You’d be surprised what a small seat or handlebar adjustment can do to improve your riding comfort.

In some cases, you may want to complement some of this advice with some new gear, or even a different bike that is better suited for fall conditions. Fort Myers Cyclery combines high-quality machines along with top service to help everyone get the best bike for their wants and needs.

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