Going on Your First Family Bike Ride? Check Out These Tips

Going on Your First Family Bike Ride? Check Out These Tips

Riding with the family is always a great experience! If you have started planning those awesome family rides, then check out these tips from Fort Myers Cyclery:


#01. Check if your kids’ bikes are still the correct size.

Kids grow, and pretty fast at that! You may need to raise the saddle or adjust the position of the handlebars before the bike ride – be sure to check on these things. If they need adjustment, be sure not to raise the seat post or stem past the maximum extension mark to ensure the safety of your child and prevent ruining the bike’s frame! You might realize that they have totally outgrown their bike, so make sure to plan ahead and check if they can still pedal without hitting their knees on the handlebars. If they did outgrow their bike, then you’ll have time to drop into Fort Myers Cyclery to find their next bike. And remember to bring their old bike shop purchased bike if you want to trade it in on the new one!


Children can also quickly grow out of their helmets, gloves, and cycling clothing, so it is always a good to idea to check in advance to avoid spending too much time trying to find something that fits just before you set out.


#02. Make sure that all bikes are in a roadworthy condition.

While it is important to check your bikes before each ride, it is advisable to have a full once-over of each bike before your big family ride! Make sure that the tires are fully inflated and that the wheels are turning smoothly. Bike spokes can sometimes be damaged when not used for a long time, and the chain might also be in need of lubrication. Always check that the gears and brakes are working before you get on your bike.


#03. Have a practice ride before setting off.

Family members who have not gotten on their bikes in a long time might have lost the confidence to do so, so give them a chance to get used to pedaling, braking, and changing gears again before setting off on your family bike ride. Do not be surprised if the younger ones seem a little wobbly – they will soon be back to where they were. They just need some encouragement and a helping hand!


#04. Remind them of safe cycling rules.

It is also important to remind the entire family of the basic rules of cycling such as how to signal clearly at a junction, which side of the road you should ride on, and how to ride considerately on shared paths. You should also remind them of how you ride as a family. These include topics such as how far ahead are the kids allowed to ride, how you would signal for them to stop in case of an emergency, and how long can they ride before asking for a snack.


#05. Have fun!

Once you are sure that your bikes are in safe working order, and once you have settled on a route, then make sure that all your bags are packed because you are ready to go! At the end of the day, the most important thing is that you have a fun and safe experience riding as a family.

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