How to Find the Motivation to Ride

How to Find the Motivation to Ride

motivation to ride

It’s a feeling that hits all cyclists at some point: that sluggish, unmotivated sensation. You know you should be riding, but you can’t seem to find the willpower to get out and actually do it.

Left alone, it can be a frustrating sensation that has a negative impact on your progress. Fortunately, there are ways to shake this feeling and get back to doing what you love.

4 Tips to Find the Motivation to Ride Again

Everyone goes through different phases when it comes to workout motivation; this is true for every sport and every form of exercise. The reality is that these feelings are natural and to be expected from time to time.

However, the next time you find yourself in a slump, try employing one (or all) of these helpful tips to get yourself motivated again:

1. Give Yourself a Reward for Each Milestone

No – not just a mental reward. A real reward. Keep yourself motivated to get in the saddle by setting up a milestone and reward system.

The next time you hit the goal you’ve set for yourself (be it a pace, a distance, or a consistency goal), perhaps you can purchase something you’ve wanted for a long time, head out to a nice dinner, or treat yourself to something special.

Making your rewards tangible is a great way to regain motivation and get back on the bike. And, every time you see, use, or think about your reward, you’ll be giving yourself positive reinforcement to keep riding!

2. Use Social Commitments for Accountability

It’s one thing to make a commitment to yourself, but it’s something entirely different to make it to your social circle.

With this in mind, utilize social accountability to reach your goals. Instead of keeping your cycling aspirations to yourself, share them with a group of your friends or workout buddies. These people will help you stay on track and they will hold you accountable if you don’t reach your goals.

You also get bonus points for involving these friends in your rides! If you know that someone is waiting to meet you on your favorite cycling route, you will be much more likely to show up, rather than disappoint them.

3. Reframe the Experience in Your Mind

Instead of telling yourself you have to go bike, reframe the process in a more positive light.

If you see biking as a privilege, and something you get to do, you’re much more likely to stick with your routine – even when a slump strikes.

4. Make It Truly Enjoyable for Yourself

You want to push yourself on your bike, but you also want it to be enjoyable.

With this in mind, change up your workouts whenever you need to. Hit the road more for long-distance bikes, or get out into the beach if that’s what you enjoy. When it’s fun, it won’t feel like work.

Back in the Saddle Again

It’s natural to experience slumps in your desire to get out and ride. Everyone experiences this with whatever form of exercise they participate in, even ones they truly love.

Fortunately, these four tips can help you regain your motivation and remember why you love cycling as a form of exercise so much!

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