How to Ride Again After an Accident

How to Ride Again After an Accident

Male cyclist getting injured while falling from mountain bike in park

Being in an accident is never an easy thing. Sometimes, the psychological effect is so much worse than the physical wounds, and it might take longer to heal, too. But of course you want to keep riding, so here are some things that might help you:

Work Through Your Anxiety

You might find yourself feeling anxious before you get on your bike and feel like you should just stay in the safety of your bed. What you should do is push through that feeling. You’ll find that making your way to your bike and actually touching it may be the hardest part of the ordeal. Most people who have been in this situation find that their anxiety stops the moment they start pedaling.

Schedule a Riding Day with a Friend

You are more likely to actually get out your bike if you have agreed to meet up with a friend for a ride. Commit to it. Don’t find a reason to cancel or postpone.  Promise yourself that you should only skip a ride if you are really ill.

Do Not Over-Exert Yourself

While the goal is to get you back to riding, you should not overdo it by pushing for a daily ride. Take things slow. Why not start with a weekly commitment? Be realistic about your riding goals, and you shouldn’t be too hard on yourself if you find that the things that used to be easy are now challenging.

Get Your Bike and Gear Ready

If you haven’t been using your bike for quite some time, then you should first ensure that it is in excellent condition before you start riding again. You can take your bike to Fort Myers Cyclery and we’ll be more than happy to check it for you. We can even do some adjustments to make sure that your bike will work perfectly for you. It’s very important that you are confident with your bike when you start riding again.

Getting back on your bike after an accident can be really challenging but it’s not impossible. Be patient, be committed, and be positive. If you’re really determined, nothing can keep you from riding your bike again!

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