Kids and Biking

Kids and Biking

Biking is a great activity that can be enjoyed by practically anyone, and children are no exception. There really isn’t an age bracket that determines when a child can ride on a bicycle, but that is all up to the consideration of the parent. When you do decide it is the right time, there are plenty of benefits you will give your child that will let you know you made the right choice. 

The benefits of biking will range from giving your child a sense of independence by knowing they are comfortable on their bike from an early age — giving them a means that contributes to a healthy lifestyle — to having fun on their bikes like every child should. All of these concepts are important to discuss in detail which is what this article will do.


They Will Get a Feel for Biking

The most important aspect for children and bikes is that they become accustomed to riding them. This is vital for their safety and the reassurance of a parent. The earlier one decides to place their child on a bike, the quicker they will be able to get used to what riding a bike feels like. This may not seem like a crucial thing to begin with, but the more you look at it, its necessity becomes apparent. First off, your child will quickly become more comfortable on their bikes. Training wheels will help to ease them into this and are certainly something that should be included on a child’s bicycle. When they start to get the hang of it, they will dramatically reduce their chances of injury. Obviously parental supervision is needed until the child reaches an old enough age, but the peace of mind for parents knowing their child feels secure in their bicycle and is not afraid will dramatically ease any fears parents may have.


It Is Healthy

According to medical studies, children aged six and over need approximately one hour of exercise per day and cycling can be a great way for kids to achieve this. Parents may also look to get in on the action as they require exercise as well as cycling can be a great family bonding tool for everyone. Giving your child the means to be healthy is a parent’s duty and there is perhaps no better outlet for leading a healthy lifestyle than cycling.

There are plenty of cycling related activities a family can do together that will contribute to this healthy lifestyle. For example, families can go for a bike ride through some man made trails, or do something as simple as biking together to school.  Regardless of the biking related activity you choose, the bond that will be created from spending time as a family and cycling together is priceless and knowing that it is contributing to overall health is an even greater incentive to being making this apart of your family’s daily regimen.


They Will Have Fun

Just as important as exercise is for the physical growth of a child, having fun is equally as important for the development of their mind and mental health. Cycling is a great way to have a good time with friends and family, and is a vital social tool that parents can give to their child that will help them make new friends. They may even fall so in love with the sport that they pursue it even further and compete in competitions and races. Helping your child find their passions is something every parent strives for and you will never know the impact cycling will have on your child until you get them on that first bike.

Here at Fort Myers, we know bikes better than anyone and we have a wide selection of kids bikes ranging from toddler to teenager and our unique designs and components are sure to bring countless hours of joy and interactive fun to your child. We have several bike trading programs in place for parents if their child wants to trade in their existing bikes for a new and improved version that will help to cut on some of the cost. Do not hold off any longer on introducing your children to the wonderful world of cycling and contact us today.

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