Very few things are more relaxing and exhilarating at the same time than biking along scenic routes. For seasoned athletes and casual bikers alike, Fort Myers Beach is an inviting stretch of sand where one can enjoy those amazing bike rides any time of the day.

An amazing biking experience requires lots of energy and of course, a perfectly working bicycle. Whether you are considering buying a new one or looking for a reliable professional who can revive your good old bicycle, Fort Myers Schwinn Cyclery, Inc. is the place for you.

We are a family-owned and operated business that has been the go-to shop of bike enthusiasts in Southwest Florida for more than 20 years. One visit at our cyclery, and you’ll surely find out why. What we offer our clients are the best bicycles, trikes, and bike accessories. Add to that the superb service our highly-experienced mechanics who deliver reliable repairs, and you need not go anywhere else.

Any biker would tell you – when it comes to riding a bike, comfort is a big deal, especially if you’re planning to ride for hours. We make it easier for you to find bikes that deliver just that. Schwinn Comfort/Hybrid bikes like the Streamliner 1, the Sierra, and the Sivica-7 makes sure you got the right leg extension for a more relaxed and comfortable biking position. Similarly, Jamis’ Citizen 2 and Explorer can give you a very comfy riding experience. All these bicycles allow you to ride with ease, whether it’s for exercise, a competition, or a thrilling off-road experience. If mounting is a bit challenging for you, then you should try the Sun Streamway, uniquely designed with ultra-low step feature.

Perhaps your little one is ready to ride alongside you! If he or she is just starting out, our classic roadster trike would be a perfect choice. Not so little ones also have the option to go with three wheels! We have adult trikes like the Dumont, one of Catrike’s recumbents, which gives you the smoothest ride you can ever experience on three wheels.
You want to be sure that you and your family are always safe when you go riding. For that we have an array of bike accessories that are perfect for when you go cruising around or even for competitions. We have a variety of helmets, child seats, trailers, lights, tools, shoes, and clothes. We also have a range of spare parts for every brand and model of bike, whether it’s a new one or an old one.

One of the most important things you can do for your bike is find a dependable mechanic for it. When something goes wrong with your bike (which will happen at one point), you want to be sure you’re bringing it to a mechanic who would take care of it like it’s his own. Fort Myers Schwinn provides cyclists with reliable bike repair and maintenance services of the highest quality.

You can bring your bicycle in for a Check Over which includes airing tires, tightening parts, and aligning the brakes. You can ask for a Tune Up and get all the Check Over services plus cleaning, wheel straightening, lubricant application, and brake and gear adjustment. You may ask for an Overhaul service if your bike needs everything from a Tune Up plus disassembly, deep cleaning, reassembly, greasing, and new bearings. A Disc Brake Maintenance will do if you need bleeding and refilling with new brake fluid, and truing the rotor.

We are Fort Myers Schwinn – the friendly cyclery you know you can visit anytime, whether it’s to purchase a new ride and some accessories or to give your bike some TLC. Our outstanding products and services are reflected in over 14 years of being voted the best bike shop in the entire Southwest Florida. Explore Fort Myers with Schwinn for a biking experience like no other!

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