Life Without a Car – Would You Go for It?

Life Without a Car – Would You Go for It?

Side view of young businessman looking forward while riding on his bicycle

More and more Floridians are opting to live life without owning a car. In 2015, there has been a drop in the amount in which Floridians drive gas-powered vehicles. In fact, about 1 out of 10 families are now meeting its transportation needs without a car!


“One Less Car Week”

The University of Florida is one of the organizations that sees the advantages of sustainable transportation such as bicycling and walking. In the past, UF encouraged its faculty, staff, and students alike to commute to campus without cars. In 2008, UF started sponsoring “One Less Car Week” every year – until 2015. According to UF, over 6,000 people have participated since 2008 – avoiding over 100,000 trips and keeping more than 800 tons of CO2 emission from entering the atmosphere. Isn’t that great?


Advantages of Going Carless

Here are the reasons why you should reduce your usage of a car and instead, opt for bicycling:


#01. Cycling improves both physical and mental health. Cyclists then to live longer, have less body fat, and are also happier in general.


#02. Regular cycling greatly reduces healthcare costs.


#03. Cycling is a low impact activity on the body. If you are not into heavy exercises, then cycling is for you!


#04. Cycling lets one connect to the environment more. As you cycle, you will be able to appreciate your surroundings more – everything becomes more meaningful.


#05. The cost of facilities such as bike paths, bike lanes, and bike parking, is far less expensive than those for cars.


#06. Bicycling helps preserve our planet. Did you know that cycling dramatically reduces air pollution as well as greenhouse gas emissions as compared to fuel-burning motor vehicles? Well, now you know!


#07. Cycling is a faster way to commute in many communities as compared to cars. The population triples in southwest Florida in the winter, and cyclists are regularly seen passing motorists on congested roadways. In an age where a majority of the population prefers getting around the fastest way, cycling is a great choice! Cycling also yields a more predictable commute time than if you were to drive a car.


#08. Bicycling is the less expensive choice in terms of transportation compared to motor vehicles.


#09. Let’s talk about parking. A bicycle requires about 1/10 of the space for parking compared to motor vehicles. Isn’t that just great news?


#10. Bicycling reduces both traffic congestion and noise pollution. If you are an advocate for the environment, then you know that cycling is greatly beneficial for Mother Earth.

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