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Who is our mechanic?

Our chief mechanic is the owner, Mike. You’ll find his vast knowledge and experience beneficial in every style of riding. He’s ridden his road bike from Mexico to Canada, circled the state of Florida, through the midwest, and Carolinas. He’s trained road riders. He’s ridden his mountain bike on trails in California, Florida, and the Carolinas. He’s taught hundreds of children to balance on two wheels and leave their training wheels behind. He’s ridden his cruiser around the neighborhood, and with SWFL Critical Mass. Mike requires all his mechanics to have basic skills when hired. Then he trains them to meet his quality standard.


He has 45 years of experience as a bike mechanic, and nearly as many years working on outboard motors and motor vehicles. He can usually spot what’s wrong with a bike at a glance. He’s fixed hundreds of thousands of flat tires, trued over 12,000 wheels, and built thousands of custom wheels.


Mike was factory-trained by Schwinn in Chicago, by Trek in Wisconsin, and receives refresher training as new components and techniques are introduced to the industry. The latest training was on hydraulic disc brake maintenance and repair.

What makes him different?

Mike is the only custom wheel builder in Lee County, renowned as the best in Southwest Florida.

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