Sena X1 and X1 Pro Helmets

Sena’s X1 helmet is where technology and bicycling meet. This helmet allows you to talk to three other cyclists, via intercom, or an unlimited number of people when Bluetooth is enabled. Pretty much anything your phone can do, you can do with your new X1 helmet! Need directions, call up your GPS. Need your fitness data, call up your app. Need to make or answer calls, you’re plugged in with one button. Ear buds are illegal, but tunes integrated into your helmet safely allow you to enjoy your music or the X1’s FM radio while still able to hear important traffic noises around you.

As if that’s not enough, there’s even an X1 Pro helmet with a QHD camera added in. Using the applied science of Sena’s Bluetooth integrated Prism Action Camera, the X1 Pro features a camera built directly into the center of the helmet allowing riders to capture and relive any ride. The helmet’s built in wifi capability allows riders to download photos and video straight to their smartphone and instantly share their experiences with friends, even on the go. Along with Sena’s patented action camera technology, the X1 records with Smart Audio Mix, which combines the music from your smartphone with your own voice from the microphone or record the audio from the intercom onto the video.

And when you want to stay connected for emergencies but need to unplug, just hit the mute button! Silence, crickets, gravel crunching under your wheels–that’s all you’ll hear until you need to hear more again.

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