Professional Bike Repair and Maintenance – Do I Need It?

Professional Bike Repair and Maintenance – Do I Need It?

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Fort Myers is a fantastic city for cycling. Whether you are riding to work every morning, or you want to have a relaxing ride on a weekend, you can be sure that Fort Myers has a bike path for you! With frequent use of your bike, however, it is possible for it to sustain damage, or even just have the daily wear and tear.


Gradual deterioration of your bike to a certain extent is perfectly normal, and it does not translate to your bike being of low-standard quality. What it means is that you must take proper care to maintain your bicycle to a high standard, so you can get the most out of your purchase.



In order to keep your bike on the path or the road, periodic repairs and regular maintenance are essential and who better to do it than a professional? When it comes to working their parts out, bicycles are relatively simple, but this does not mean that bicycle maintenance and repair is an easy undertaking. You would need a number of specialized tools, the right knowledge, and of course, an eye for spotting any deterioration or damage. This is where bike experts can be of great assistance to you and your bike.


The professional maintenance staff here at Fort Myers Cyclery know exactly what to look for in terms of finding wear or damage in your bike, and we also know how to fix it! Keep in mind that getting your bike serviced is similar to getting your car serviced in a sense that it is essential even if you have not spotted any obvious problems. There are certain components of a bicycle that are prone to damage and this can occur without any warning if you do not take the proper precautions to prevent it.



Deterioration and damage in your bike can be subtle. You might not always be able to pinpoint exactly why something seems to be grinding, or what is making that funny noise, but you know that it is there nonetheless. Asking an expert will definitely get you a solution, and here are a few things that might be threatening your bike’s condition:



There can be sudden rains, and cyclists can get caught out at least once or twice in a cycling career. This means more than just getting wet. Water has the ability to penetrate the working components of a bike with ease. If left unaddressed, moisture coming from water can soon turn into rust.



This issue is something commonly overlooked in terms of bike maintenance, but it is one of the most important things you should check. Low-pressure tires are more prone to damage and this can also cause your rims to buckle. Buckled rims can cause damage to your brakes – and this can result in costly repair. Tires should be aired weekly if possible, and every other week at a minimum.



Chains are also a part of the bicycle that can sustain damage if you do not give them the proper care. One of the most common forms of chain damage is rust, but there are several ways to safeguard your bike’s chains against this. The most important thing you can do is to keep your chain well-lubricated in between your those professional services. And don’t rely on the same lube you used in the north! Come see us and we’ll teach you how to lube your bike in addition to getting you the best lube for Southwest Florida!


For all your bicycle maintenance and repair needs in Fort Myers, get in touch with our experts here at Fort Myers Cyclery.

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