Reasons Why Bike Servicing is Necessary

Reasons Why Bike Servicing is Necessary

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It does not matter whether you are looking to increase your fitness, start the daily commute, or limber up to your first sportive of the season – a bike service should be on the minds of every cyclist in order to get the most out of their ride.


Why is Bike Servicing Important?

For the longevity and safety of your bike and to keep it running smoothly, regular bike checks should be done to ensure that it is running correctly. The most important reason why you should keep your bike serviced, no matter what your discipline, is SAFETY. If your bike is regularly maintained and serviced, there will be less chances of having mechanical issues, and the safer your rides will be.


Maintain and Benefit

If you want to ride your bicycle smoothly, and if you want to have 100% focus on your technique and your whole ride itself, then ensure that you have your bike tuned and serviced regularly. Once you do this, you will be rewarded well. A regularly maintained bicycle will increase your performance, keep you motivated, and enable you to achieve your end goals faster. Your bicycle is an integral part of your whole cycling experience, so keep in mind that it needs as much attention as your training plans or nutrition.


Cleaning Your Bike

Cleaning your bicycle might seem like a tedious task and you can be easily tempted to just put in in the garage without cleaning it. However, you should not have that attitude. You should take pleasure in making your bicycle sparkling clean as it can deter excessive wear and prolong the life of your bicycle. It also helps to keep your bike riding experience as smooth as possible!

There are bike-specific brushes that can be purchased inexpensively. These brushes are designed to clean deep within the crevices of your bike that are normally inaccessible if you use a regular cleaning brush. Investing in cycling-specific products get you your money’s worth. They help preserve and protect your bikes without causing any currosive damages.


Issues that Require Experts

You should also be on the lookout for any bike issues that might make your bike unsafe to ride. This is imperative and you should not delay having it checked by expert mechanics. One of the most important parts of your bicycle is the brakes – this should be checked before every ride to ensure that they are working properly. Check your gears, too, and make sure they are setup correctly.


How We Can Help

Keeping your bicycle clean is a good practice, but if you are not sure how to do it properly, or if you do not have time to inspect your bike thoroughly, then we here at Fort Myers Schwinn Cyclery can definitely help you! Let our expert mechanics help correct and tune your bike for a safe and fun riding experience! Visit our website today, give us a call, or drop by our store. We hope to see you soon!

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