Young white family cycling together through a park

5 Layers of Safety When Cycling in Florida

Whether you are a cyclist or a driver, we all have a role to play in terms of sharing the road responsibly. Cyclists, just like pedestrians, are more vulnerable to significant injuries or deaths in crashes with cars. While it is a fact Read More

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father with son in bicycle chair

Cycling with a Baby – What You Should Know

When it comes to the topic of cycling with a baby, there is much debate around it. The Dutch believe it is safe to cycle with a newborn, the British think it is safe from nine months old, and the Americans think it Read More

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Back portrait of bicycle wheel and men leg on pedal

The Different Types of Bicycle Pedals

Through the years, bike pedals have come a long way. Nowadays, there are many styles, varying designs for different disciplines, and there is also a variety in terms of prices. Some are interchangeable, others are not. You might also need shoes that are Read More

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Carslbad, CA, USA - 25 January 2014: A cyclist travels down historic Highway 101 near the beaches.

5 Ways to Share the Road with Motorists

Situation: Car and bike collision; in the motorist’s mind, it is always the same thing every time – the bicyclist is the one at fault. Statistics show many times it is the bicyclists’ fault.   To reduce such collisions, many states adopted the Read More

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Active people riding bikes

Riding Bicycles to School: Safety Tips

Cycling is fun for kids and kids’-at-heart alike! However, without the proper safety techniques and rules, cycling can also be a dangerous thing. Some biking accidents involving children are the result of the children riding bikes in an unsafe and unobservant manner.   Read More

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Side view of young businessman looking forward while riding on his bicycle

Life Without a Car – Would You Go for It?

More and more Floridians are opting to live life without owning a car. In 2015, there has been a drop in the amount in which Floridians drive gas-powered vehicles. In fact, about 1 out of 10 families are now meeting its transportation needs Read More

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Portrait of three little cyclists riding their bikes

Why Kids Love Riding Bikes

Cycling is a life-enhancer. Do you agree? It is a balancing act – a mode of transport, a form of exercise, and a tool for exploratory play – all these in just one eco-friendly package! It is a common scenario to see people, Read More

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Cycling competition,cyclist athletes riding a race at high speed

Train like a Pro Cyclist: How It’s Done

Don’t you just feel inspired watching the Olympics and other sportives? Seeing how determined and well-trained athletes are make you want to be like them, too!   Here are some words of wisdom from riders of different cycling disciplines that can help you Read More

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Red bicycle helmet

5 Tips for Safe and Successful Cycling

Some people say that they do not like cycling because they do not like the idea of cycling in traffic. However, many cyclists use busy roads every day with no problems. This is because they cycle safely. Once you know the basics of Read More

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Revda, Russia - July 31, 2016: blurry image behind glass in rain athlete mountainbiker riding on street during Regional competitions on cross-country bike

Cycling: Tips for Riding in the Rain

Whether you are riding in a club ride, a sportive, or just out and about, you should not let the rain stop you from riding your bike!   We have prepared some helpful tips for road cycling in the rain to make sure Read More

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