Riding a Trike: What are Its Advantages?

A tricycle is simply a bicycle that has three wheels, whereas a bicycle has two. The additional wheel for tricycles changes the look, ride, and feel of the trike – and this takes some getting used to. An upright tricycle pedals and rides Read More

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Attractive professional woman wearing a safety helmet cycling to work along an urban street with traffic, close up upper body view

Ways to Make Biking to Work Easier

Even for a seasoned cyclist, commuting by bike can sometimes be a daunting task. Getting to work on your bike can mean showing up being slightly sweaty and out of breath. Riding in rush hour traffic can be scary – no matter how Read More

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Young white family cycling together through a park

Why Bicycle Safety is So Important

If you love riding bikes, you know how great it is to greet the shining sun and the chirping birds with a smile, knowing that today IS a perfect day to go biking, right?   Before you take your bike out of the Read More

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Children learning to drive a bicycle on a driveway outside. Little girls riding bikes on asphalt road in the city wearing helmets as protective gear.

Top Reasons Why Kids Should Learn How to Cycle

For many people, cycling is a hobby that they have enjoyed since childhood. Most parents even pass it on to their children! How about you? Are your children cyclists? If not, they are missing out on not only the fun but other awesome Read More

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Positive boy looking for new sport bike in store

Things You Should Know Before Buying a Road Bike

When buying a road bike, you must keep in mind that the range of bike types, component options and materials can be somewhat overwhelming. Don’t fret – let us help steer you through the different options and help you find the perfect road Read More

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Comfort vs. Hybrid Bicycles

Looking for a recreational bike? It is best to educate yourself first before walking into a local bike shop to save time. At Fort Myers Schwinn Cyclery we are happy to educate you. There are two basic recreational bikes that you can choose Read More

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Full length portrait of a man riding a bycicle isolated against white background

Awesome Cycling Tips for Beginners

In America, there are millions of people who ride bicycles – and the numbers increase all the time! With more and more cyclists on the roads and trails, these following tips for beginners promote better and safer rides; check them out here:   Read More

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Portrait Of Young Man Fixing Bicycle Wheel Over White Background

Reasons Why Bike Servicing is Necessary

It does not matter whether you are looking to increase your fitness, start the daily commute, or limber up to your first sportive of the season – a bike service should be on the minds of every cyclist in order to get the Read More

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Bike Flags: How It Can Save a Life

Over the years, cycling has become more and more popular. Not only does it promote a healthier lifestyle, but it is also a more environment-friendly form of transportation. Many cities have made changes to accommodate bicycle traffic with their bike lanes and trails. Read More

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A Quick Guide on Choosing a Mountain Bike

Mountain biking is a sport that has dramatically evolved ever since it dawned in the late 1890s. Today, mountain bikes are known to be incredible machines that are purposely built for specific riding styles. If you are into mountain bikes and you want Read More

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