Schwinn manufactures several different standards of bicycles. Bike shops receive the highest quality Schwinn bicycles, different than those in any sporting goods or box store. The Schwinn bike shop bike difference starts with the quality of materials and components. It continues with sizes to properly fit each rider's height and reach. Schwinn bike shop bicycles finish with high quality control on mechanical parts, design, and engineering. In addition, a Schwinn bike shop bicycle purchased at Fort Myers Schwinn Cyclery is warrantied to be safely assembled, finely tuned, and carry the same warranty of all other bike store brands. Our bikes also come with personal use and maintenance instruction. Buyers receive a free Tune Up to ensure they stay in top notch condition!

Yes, we offer Cannondale, GT and Jamis complete lines of bikes, in addition to specialty bikes for road riding, recumbents, and upright trikes. Other brands include Catrike, Trailmate, Sun, and Dahon. We sell other brands to better serve our customers. We know you like having choices. By selling other brands we save you the time it takes to drive to other stores. We also sell other brands because some fit differently. We want you to leave with the most comfortable bike for you, so you will always enjoy your ride.

Yes, most of the time we can! You must bring the wheel or bike into our service department to have the mechanic examine it to know for sure, but most of the time we can fix a crooked wheel.

Yes, there are very large seats available. However rather than assuming a larger seat will erase your pain, we recommend you ride your current seat long enough to identify where it hurts. Then when you come into the store, bring your bike and tell us where it hurts your bottom. We will help you find a seat that is truly comfortable for your anatomy and the design of your bike. We will even let you try riding the new seat before you buy it!

Yes, nearly all bike tires have tubes. The only exceptions are a few children's trikes and high end ($3,000 and up) mountain bikes. High end road bikes used to come with sew up tires (which are tubeless), but haven't come that way for many years. Some are now tubeless ready.

Yes, we usually have a small assortment of used bikes that were taken in on trade toward the purchase price of a new bike or were previously rented. They can include anything from road bikes to kids bikes. On a rare occasion we get an adult three-wheeler. If you are looking for a particular style of used bike, feel free to call and ask, or just drop in during regular store hours.

No, we do not buy bikes outright. We only take used bikes in on trade for a new bike. We can tell you what we think you can sell your old bike for if you bring it in.

We have adult tricycles that are made in the USA. All bicycles under about $10,000 are made outside of the United States.

Gears are very useful in Florida, despite having no hills. Florida has strong winds. If you experience a strong tail wind when you start your ride, without gears allowing you to pedal harder, you may feel like you are spinning your wheels. If you experience a strong head wind after most of your ride is over, you may feel pedaling is too hard to finish. Downshifting will enable you to finish your ride comfortably.

Helmets are designed to protect your brain. Unlike clothing and pads which protect you from abrasions and broken bones, helmets keep your brain healthy enough to allow you to speak, feed yourself, walk, and enjoy other less basic functions. Most people fall when they are "just riding around the neighborhood!" We love our customers! We recommend all our customers purchase a properly fitted helmet and wear it every time they ride.

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