Riding a Trike: What are Its Advantages?

Riding a Trike: What are Its Advantages?

A tricycle is simply a bicycle that has three wheels, whereas a bicycle has two. The additional wheel for tricycles changes the look, ride, and feel of the trike – and this takes some getting used to. An upright tricycle pedals and rides like a two-wheeled bicycle, but it is heavier and less maneuverable. With one wheel in front, it is called a delta design. Unlike bicycles, you don’t lean into turns on a trike so they feel a little different to ride. Recumbent trikes can have a tadpole design, meaning they pedals that sit in front of your body. They do not have a handlebar and are steered low by your hips. Many people find this position the most beneficial when transitioning from a bike to a trike.


Different Trike Styles

There are three main styles of adult tricycles and they vary drastically from the ones you rode as a child. An upright tricycle helps keep your body in a similar position, while the recumbent tadpole and delta offer an entirely new way for an enjoyable ride. The recumbent cycling position feels more like sitting in a lounge chair rather than riding a bicycle. Although these different trike styles have similar benefits, the recumbent versions are still the most comfortable.


Increased Stability

The tricycle’s third wheel is also known for providing greater stability than a bicycle. This makes it easier for its rider to keep his or her balance. This also means that you could crawl slowly up a hill without falling over, for instance. If you hit loose gravel while riding the tricycle, you might just spin instead of losing control and eventually falling over. When you compare tricycles to a bicycle, a tricycle could be better for you, especially if you have poor balance or for instance, you have a condition that does not let you ride in an upright position safely and comfortably.



Riding a tricycle is an enjoyable way to exercise. For instance, your legs and arms do most of the work when riding an upright tricycle. When you sit on the recumbent versions, however, you use more of your core muscles and hamstrings when pedaling. So, instead of propping your bicycle on a kickstand and standing next to it when taking a break, you can just remain in your seat as you rest when using a tricycle.



Delta and tadpole tricycles have seats that distribute your weight across a large area. With greater weight distribution, the pressure you feel when you sit on smaller seats found on upright bicycles is decreased. Since your bottom will be more comfortable, you will also be able to ride longer without any discomfort, pain or fatigue. You will also be able to burn more calories if you feel comfortable and the added comfort allows you to ride longer.

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