At Schwinn, customer satisfaction is imperative. We are dedicated to providing exceptional service to all of our customers, quickly and efficiently. Bike maintenance is important and we know that you want and deserve the most high-quality service. That is why our AAA Service is unmatched elsewhere. We want to keep your bike running like new, without taking up valuable riding time; and that is our commitment.

  • what type of repair can you do? If it’s repairable, we can fix it. The only bikes we can’t repair are those with obsolete parts!
  • how long does it normally take? Bring it in today, we’ll have it ready for you before we close on our next business day.
  • how much is it for the repairs? Despite providing the best service in town, our prices are comparable or less than other bike shops.

Drop off your bike for all repairs and we will have it ready our next business day. Full service for all makes and models (even bikes from Walmart, K-mart, and Toy’s “R” us ).
A free Tune Up comes with all our new bikes

What type of services do you provide?

We offer a Check Over, a Tune Up, an Overhaul, and Disc Brake Maintenance. We service all brands of bikes. Our Check Over is designed to ensure your bike is safe to ride by tightening parts, airing tires, and aligning the brakes. Our standard Tune Up includes a Check Over plus straightening the wheels, adjusting the gears and brakes, applying lubricant, cleaning, and more. Our Overhaul includes a Tune Up plus disassembly, deep cleaning, greasing, reassembly, and all new bearings. Disc Brake Maintenance includes bleeding and refilling with new brake fluid and truing the rotor.

What is the typical turnaround time?

We pride ourselves in servicing all bikes in one business day. Bring it in today; it will be ready for pickup before we close on our next business day.

Why is it important to get a tune up?

Bikes are machines, and just like any working instrument, it needs occasional adjustment to ensure it gives you the best performance. In addition, bicycles need maintenance to ensure you get the longest life out of them. Occasionally, they need repair and worn parts replaced. We are happy to service old bikes until the product’s evolution has changed so much that parts become obsolete. Sometimes, people like to upgrade their bike’s components, or change the style of some of its parts like handlebars and seats. These changes can be challenging to ensure compatibility and that the bike maintains its value with its new components and parts. We never let a bike leave the store until we’ve ridden it to ensure customer satisfaction.

All these services give the rider the assurance that their bike is safe, top performing, and destined to give them a fun ride!

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