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benefits of cycling on the environment

Biking and the Environment

Cycling has dozens of benefits. In addition to being a great form of exercise, it’s also an excellent way to ensure you get some “me time” in every day, and a wonderful way to add some mindfulness to your daily commute. However, did Read More

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Riding bicycle, shadow of unrecognizable person on a bike

Regular Cycling and Its Benefits

The concept of cycling was invented in the year 1817 by Baron Karl von Drais. He did not exactly invent the bicycle that we know and use today. What he invented was the walking machine which helped him to walk in his royal Read More

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5 Great Health Benefits of Cycling You Probably Did Not Know

In order for you to be fit and healthy, you must be physically active. Did you know that regular physical activity helps protect you from serious diseases such as heart disease, obesity, cancer, diabetes, arthritis and even mental illness? Yes! Riding your bike Read More

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