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Asian young woman checking bicycle tyre before riding

Bike Ownership: 5 Important Things You Should Know

Just like most things in our lives, our bike comes with a set of instructions in order to keep it well-maintained. We also know that most of us do not like reading manuals, right? However, there are some rules that are put out Read More

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Man bicycle mechanic repairing bicycles

Have a Professional Regularly Maintain Your Bike

For your bike’s smooth running, longevity and safety, it is important that you have it regularly checked. The most important reason why you should keep your bike serviced by a bike expert from Fort Myers Cyclery is safety. If your bicycle is regularly Read More

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Guy fixing bicycle in garage with tools

Professional Bike Repair and Maintenance – Do I Need It?

Fort Myers is a fantastic city for cycling. Whether you are riding to work every morning, or you want to have a relaxing ride on a weekend, you can be sure that Fort Myers has a bike path for you! With frequent use Read More

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