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Cycling Apps You Should Check Out

Today, there’s an app for just about everything, especially cycling. New cycling apps are hitting the market consistently, and today’s cyclists can use them to train, find new rides, and connect with like-minded people. Here are a few cycling apps you should definitely Read More

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Bike Flags: How It Can Save a Life

Over the years, cycling has become more and more popular. Not only does it promote a healthier lifestyle, but it is also a more environment-friendly form of transportation. Many cities have made changes to accommodate bicycle traffic with their bike lanes and trails. Read More

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Woman got injured while cycling in park

Cycling 101: Troubleshooting Common Pains

Riding a bike should be a fun experience – not a painful one. If you find it painful and uncomfortable, then something is wrong. It can be with your gear, bike setup, fit, or riding style. With all the moving pieces involved in Read More

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Resting a blistered feet after a long day walk.

Cycling 101: Dealing with Foot Blisters

If there is friction between your shoes and feet, you can suffer from foot blisters. Although not serious ailments, blisters can still be painful and uncomfortable – especially if you do not treat them the right way.   Cyclists, among others, know how Read More

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Young white family cycling together through a park

5 Layers of Safety When Cycling in Florida

Whether you are a cyclist or a driver, we all have a role to play in terms of sharing the road responsibly. Cyclists, just like pedestrians, are more vulnerable to significant injuries or deaths in crashes with cars. While it is a fact Read More

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Carslbad, CA, USA - 25 January 2014: A cyclist travels down historic Highway 101 near the beaches.

5 Ways to Share the Road with Motorists

Situation: Car and bike collision; in the motorist’s mind, it is always the same thing every time – the bicyclist is the one at fault. Statistics show many times it is the bicyclists’ fault.   To reduce such collisions, many states adopted the Read More

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Red bicycle helmet

5 Tips for Safe and Successful Cycling

Some people say that they do not like cycling because they do not like the idea of cycling in traffic. However, many cyclists use busy roads every day with no problems. This is because they cycle safely. Once you know the basics of Read More

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Revda, Russia - July 31, 2016: blurry image behind glass in rain athlete mountainbiker riding on street during Regional competitions on cross-country bike

Cycling: Tips for Riding in the Rain

Whether you are riding in a club ride, a sportive, or just out and about, you should not let the rain stop you from riding your bike!   We have prepared some helpful tips for road cycling in the rain to make sure Read More

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