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Cycling Apps You Should Check Out

Today, there’s an app for just about everything, especially cycling. New cycling apps are hitting the market consistently, and today’s cyclists can use them to train, find new rides, and connect with like-minded people. Here are a few cycling apps you should definitely Read More

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Cycling Habits You Need to Stop

10 Cycling Habits You Need to Stop Doing Today

You might have noticed other cyclists on the road, or you yourself might have picked up some bad habits when cycling. This is normal. Cycling is a repetitive sport. This means that you might pick up some techniques over time. From bouncing up Read More

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Guide To Cycling with Kids

A Quick Guide to Cycling with Kids

Bike riding is an excellent way to get some quality alone time, but it is also a great way of spending some time with your loved ones. Today, let us take a look at the best ways to get your kids onto two Read More

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Happy family is riding bikes outdoors and smiling. Little girl in the foreground is looking at camera

Going on Your First Family Bike Ride? Check Out These Tips

Riding with the family is always a great experience! If you have started planning those awesome family rides, then check out these tips from Fort Myers Cyclery:   #01. Check if your kids’ bikes are still the correct size. Kids grow, and pretty Read More

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Beautiful female cyclist drinking water in forest

Dehydration: How It Can Affect Your Cycling

Cyclists can become dehydrated due to many factors such as heat, improper hydration before or during a ride, and the time spent on the bike. Certain symptoms occur when the body does not get enough water. Those symptoms can significantly affect one’s performance Read More

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one caucasian man practicing man mountain bike bking isolated on white background with shadows

Helpful Tips on How to Avoid Injuries While Mountain Biking

Mountain biking is known to be a riskier sport than hiking, so injuries are a regular part of this sport. However, there are still some things you can do to help minimize, if not completely avoid, your mountain bike injuries. With a little Read More

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It is time to ride hand made illustration for poster in vintage hipster style on textured white background. Hand drawn lettering and typography placed on the bicycle

Prepare to Vacation with Your Bikes

Will you be venturing out on a cycling vacation? If you are, then you should know that there is nothing worse than being left behind by the pack, pushing yourself so hard to keep up to the point of not being able to Read More

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Woman drinking water while cycling in the countryside

Hydration Tips for Cyclists

The History of Hydration The need for hydration has been an ongoing scientific battle over the past 40 years, around the time that the first sports drinks started becoming famous. Since then, the debate has always been in favor of fluid replacement as Read More

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Young businesswoman riding to work on a bicycle along a residential street in her stylish slack suit and safety helmet in an eco-friendly mode of transport

Top Tips for Cycling to Work

May 18 is Bike to Work Day! Are you one of the many people who is using their bikes to get to work? Recent studies found that people who ride their bikes to work were happier than they were when using their cars. Read More

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Handlebar of modern mountain bikes in sports shop

Different Bicycle Tips: How to Choose the Best One for You?

When you are interested in starting to ride a bike, you might get overwhelmed with the many types of bike you can choose from. However, when you really want to know which type you should go for, consider asking yourself these questions first: Read More

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