Top 3 Cycling Injuries

Top 3 Cycling Injuries

Fallen cyclist holding his injured knee in park

Cycling may be a low-impact physical activity, but that does not mean it’s free from any risks of injury. Of course, there are risks that come with going too fast. But apart from those, there are also some common injuries that are not related to crashing. Fortunately, most of them are avoidable and curable, and most of the time all it takes is a tweak here and there to your equipment or a little variation to your training routine.

Cyclist’s Knee

A lot of people start cycling to relieve pain in their knees, but it doesn’t always do the trick. In fact, there are some pro cyclists who do suffer from knee injuries. This is not so different from runner’s knee that is patellofemoral pain that is felt around and in the kneecap. You can get it from muscle tightness or a bike that does not fit you. This can be prevented by proper stretching prior to riding your bike. It’s a good idea to roll your calves, hamstrings, and quads, too.

Saddle Discomfort

This is the general term that is used to mean pain that is caused by sore sit bones from too much pressure on the saddle or abrasions that are caused by too much friction between your skin and your seat. Various things can cause pain in this area, so it’s highly recommended that you do a lot of core-strengthening exercises and make sure your bike is the right fit. Saddle pain is often caused by a saddle that is set too high. To address or avoid saddle sores, make sure you always wear properly fitting shorts. You can also apply a topical cream in the areas that are affected by friction. You might also want to consider replacing your saddle with one that has a better shape or cushioning or air vents where it hurts. You can check the ones we have at Fort Myers Cyclery. We can help fit you to a saddle with the right width.

Back Pain

With the number of hours spent in the biking position, it’s not at all surprising that a lot of riders feel soreness throughout their spine and even to their neck. Remember that weak muscles, as well as wrong bike fit, can contribute more to this pain. What you can do is set your saddle to the right height – neither too high nor too low. When you are riding, ensure that your spine is in a neutral position. You should have your bike’s geometry fit in such a way that you would achieve this optimal position. If you’re prone to backaches, you might want to prioritize your comfort over aerodynamics. After all, you won’t get to enjoy cycling at all if you can’t ride due to back pains!

These are just some of the most common injuries caused by biking. As you noticed, doing it right and setting up your gear properly is the key to making sure that you will not suffer from any of these! So be a responsible biker and you’ll enjoy the benefits of biking fully!

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