Train like a Pro Cyclist: How It’s Done

Train like a Pro Cyclist: How It’s Done

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Don’t you just feel inspired watching the Olympics and other sportives? Seeing how determined and well-trained athletes are make you want to be like them, too!


Here are some words of wisdom from riders of different cycling disciplines that can help you make the most from your own training:



According to Team Sky Pro Cycling Rider, Ben Swift, the secret to endurance is having the will to stick it out. Biking for long periods of time can be stressful and mind-numbing at times, so you must put up with it. He also said that training can be mixed with intensity and fun. Finding a local club, such as Caloosa Riders in Lee County, and riding with them is one of his suggestions as this can make one work harder while having fun at the same time.



Liam Phillips, the 2013 BMX World Champion, talks about injury and says that one must take it steady and build up on skills through different levels before getting to that stage where you are good enough to push your boundaries. He said that most injuries take place when people try to do things that they are not capable of.



For Jon Norfolk, Great Britain Paracycling Head Coach, recovery is the key element of training. He says that it is important to listen to one’s body. The common signs of a need to rest include changes in mood, disrupted sleep, and simply not wanting to train. He suggests that you should give yourself some quality downtime away from the bike to be able to recharge both physically and mentally.



Laura Trott, a four-time UK Olympic gold medalist, believes that pacing is important. She says that if you go out easier and you travel at that same speed a few miles later, it might feel difficult to maintain but is certainly doable. On the other hand, if you go out hard at first, you will definitely slow down when the effort catches up with you.



According to Shanaze Reade, multiple BMX and Team Sprint World Champion, specific exercises will suit one person, but the same can’t be said of others. For her, rest is very important especially when you are tempted to overtrain. She suggests working out what your goals are first. She also says that you should not sacrifice your form and technique in any strength and conditioning exercise for extra sets or a heavier weight. She believes that patience is needed to be able to progress in an effective and safe way.


These are just some great bits of advice from professional cyclists; hope you felt inspired! So, what are you waiting for? Go get on that bike. Happy riding!


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