Want to Lose Weight from Cycling? Check Out These Tips!

Want to Lose Weight from Cycling? Check Out These Tips!

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People start cycling for many different reasons. Among those at the top of the list are improving health and staying trim. However, it is important that you know that just because you hop on your bike a few times each week doesn’t mean that you can be irresponsible when it comes to the food that you eat. You’ll be surprised how many beginning cyclists commit the mistake of eating too much because they “did well” with their biking. That unfortunately makes the workout counterproductive.

To make the most of your cycling and to make sure you lose weight too, you should know and follow some basic rules of nutrition. Here are some helpful tips for you:

Eat a Healthy Breakfast before You Ride

You might be excited to start your day right and ride your bike without having breakfast. This won’t help you! Skipping breakfast means you’re depriving your body of the fuel it needs to ride. Additionally, you’ll make your body hold on to the fats it is storing instead of burning them. Contrary to what many believe, starving your body pushes its metabolic process to save what it thinks would be needed for a later date. Often, this means fat – which is what you’re trying to get rid of in the first place.

Do Not Over-Dress

Some people put on more clothes than necessary to stay warm or to make their bodies sweat more. But while you might actually see a drop in the scales, it is not healthy to lose weight due to dehydration, especially if you are a cyclist. Remove those leg warmers and jackets when the temperature is mild to keep your body hydrated. Remember to drink lots of fluids too, so you can ride further. It will actually help you burn more calories.

Load Up on Vegetables and Lean Protein

Vegies and lean protein like fish and chicken should be a regular part of your diet. Instead of popping all those nutritional supplements, try to get most of your vitamins and protein directly from food. This way, you give your body what it needs and you feel a whole lot better, too! It will also help you resist your junk food cravings!

Finish Strong

According to studies, post-exercise oxygen consumption can help trigger the burning of stored fat. The key is to get your body into overdrive after an easy ride. You can achieve this by exerting hard efforts before you finish your ride. This will ensure that your body is consuming oxygen even after you are done biking. Of course, the fat will also continue to burn.

Biking is indeed an excellent form of exercise for those who want to improve their health and lose weight. Just make sure that you also improve other aspects of your life, including your diet!

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