What You Should Know about Our Trade-In Program

What You Should Know about Our Trade-In Program

Trade In Program

Do you have a bicycle that you have been meaning to get rid of but is currently hanging around in your shed or garage? Perhaps you want to invest in a new bike but you do not want the hassle of selling your current one? At Fort Myers Cyclery, our Trade-In Program may be the solution you are looking for!


Trade-In Program: What is It About?

When you are purchasing a new bicycle, we consider all brands of bicycles that are originally purchased at a bike shop for trade-in value. How is the trade-in value determined, you ask? This will be done once we see your bicycle. This means that the value cannot be estimated over the phone.


In addition, the trade-in value should not exceed the value of the new bike that you are planning to purchase. There are some instances that our customers have brought in bicycles that are already worn out. What we do in such situations is we guide you to a charity that repurposes and rebuilds old bicycles for the poor or homeless. We also work closely with some non-profit organizations that serve those who are less fortunate.


How Does This Trade-In Program Work?

As mentioned above, the trade-in value will be determined once you bring your bike to us. The price is determined by five factors: model, make, age, the condition of the bicycle, and the price of the new bike you want to trade into. Fort Myers Cyclery is unique in the sense that we take many different brands and models as trade-ins. Most of our competitors do not have the staff with years of experience to be able to tell the difference between those models sold at a department store and a bike shop. That’s what our experts are good at! We also know that most good bike brands are sold both online and at department stores. This is why when we recognize the difference, we offer you a fair value for your old bike store bicycle when you purchase a new one.


What are the Benefits of the Trade-In Program?

This service will be beneficial to anyone who wants a new bicycle but has no one to whom they can pass on their existing bicycle. For instance, children’s bicycles are often passed down from the eldest child to the younger ones. As adults, your adult children might already by living somewhere else, or they probably are not interested in the riding style of the bike that you want to pass on to them.


Trading-in your old bicycle is much easier to do than trying to sell the bicycle yourself in your neighborhood or even on the Internet! If in case, you choose to not trade-in your old bike, we can still tell you what is a fair price that you may be able to sell your bike for on your own. By asking our experts, you know you will make an informed choice about whether you should trade-in, donate, or sell outright your old bicycle.


At the end of the day, it is a win-win situation for you!

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