Why Kids Love Riding Bikes

Why Kids Love Riding Bikes

Portrait of three little cyclists riding their bikes

Cycling is a life-enhancer. Do you agree? It is a balancing act – a mode of transport, a form of exercise, and a tool for exploratory play – all these in just one eco-friendly package! It is a common scenario to see people, especially kids, ride the bicycle in the neighborhood all the time. They speed up, do stunts, chase one another, and try to develop their cycling skills every day.


You may wonder why some kids ride their bikes day after day and don’t turn to other games. Here are some of the reasons:



For children, learning how to ride a bike is a key rite of passage. This is probably the most important reason in which children love cycling so much. Their bikes become their ‘wings’. If you remember the very first day you learned how to drive a car, then that memory will help you understand how kids feel when they ride the bike for the first time.



As an adult, don’t you just love having your own ride? Just imagine, you don’t need to wait for the bus, and you don’t have to worry about reaching your destination in time or the weather. For kids, it’s pretty much the same thing! With their bikes, they can go to school, to the park, or to their friends’ houses by just pedaling! They might not be able to recognize why they love cycling so much yet, but they do enjoy the sense of freedom it gives them.



Pumping those pedals is great for the heart, yet it is not a chore – it’s fun! Kids might not realize this at first, but they surely get a lot of exercise from a bicycle. If you give your kid a stationary bike in his or her bedroom, it might remain unused for some time. However, try taking him or her to a park with the right bike, and see for yourself how many hours he or she can spend just playing around with it.


Cycling also improves kids’ ability to self-control. As with any type of exercise, cycling eradicates stress levels.


So, as a parent, you would give your kids a great deal by giving them their own bicycles! Just make sure to discuss with them the importance of safety when riding, the basic rules of the road, and how to simply have fun riding.


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